Installation Guide

Tech-Roll's Product Installation Guide

Installation Guide
It Does Not Matter If You Install The Cassette Or The Rail First, But Usually The Cassette Is Attached First.

Step 1

Place the cassette to the fitting and fix cassette to the surface. The use of Silicone, bolts, or double sided tape is the choice of the installer.

Step 2

Once the cassette has been fixed and fitted into the window/door frame, pull the screen slightly and gently place the guide (attached to both sides of the handle) to the rail’s groove. Then push it into the cassette’s grooves affixing it into its position. If you push the rail in with too much force, the PVC film at the back of the mesh may become creased and hinder the screen’s operation.

Step 3

nstall the rail on each sides.

Step 4

Pull the screen tight to the end and check whether the screen is operating smoothly. If the rolling speed is too strong or too weak, adjust the tension in the spring by turning the plastic screw at the right side of the cassette. Turn clockwise for stronger tension and anti-clockwise for weaker tension

Step 5

For a smoother operation, spraying the rail grooves with silicon spray.

Step 6

Finally insert screws and bolts in designated places.

Checklist for malfunction

  • 1. Check whether there is enough space by moving the screen to its full width (from left to right) and to its full height (top to bottom). Distance between the two rail should be the same as the length of the cassette
  • 2. Check whether both rails are in upright position.
  • 3. Check the PVC film attached to the back of the handle is bent or creased.
  • 4. Spray silicone spray (Do not use WD40) along both guides of the rail.
Protect from ultraviolate and privacy
It’s possible set up both open with pleated mesh screen

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