How to Measure?

How To Measure For Installation of Tech-Roll's Window Coverings?

Composition of Tech-Roll

Tech-Roll is classified into Cassette (Housing) and Rail (Tracks). The screen is stored inside of the cassette and is made to operate by sliding on rails.

Reveal Fit

Measure the calibre of left and right sides of the frame and the calibre in the middle of these sides. Note the smallest measurement. Likewise, measure the calibres of top and bottom sides of the frame and calibre in the middles of these sides. Note the smallest measurement.

Face Fit

For Roll-Up screens 1. Make the measurement as you would to a reveal fitting. 2. Depending on the height, add the cassette size(s) and the rail size of 60mm. For Example: The reveal measurement for a Roll-Up door was height: 2000mm and width 900mm. To face fit, The measurment should be recorded as height : 2060mm X width 960mm
White Birch
Prim Rose
Clear Anodise
Protect from ultraviolate and privacy
It’s possible set up both open with pleated mesh screen

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