Flyscreen Gas Strut Windows

Tech-Roll: Your ideal destination for flyscreen!

Our homes are our paradise!! We keep it safe from every harmful element to ensure total safety. We take several measures to maintain the home safe from varied factors such as theft, invasion, etc. Though we focus on specific safety aspects, we tend to avoid particular components that can be hazardous for our homes and loved ones. Flies and other insects can enter the home quickly through open windows; however, you can’t keep the windows locked all the time. It is vital to keep everything functional, and one of the most convenient ways of keeping the flies away is installing a flyscreen for gas strut windows.

Tech-Roll for Flyscreen

We offer excellent-quality retractable flyscreens for all diverse types of windows. Our award-winning Tech-Roll screens are made with innovative technology for improving both the function and physical formation of your existing windows and doors. Made and fabricated in Australia, our products are suitable, highly efficient and designed to suit all distinct types of windows. You can select our flyscreen for servery, French, and even bi-fold sliding doors. These flyscreens will keep the flies and insects away from your indoors, providing a comfortable environment at home.

Top Servery Screen Suppliers

Tech-Roll stands at the forefront as the premier provider of servery window fly screen, offering innovative solutions to seamlessly integrate insect protection with the aesthetics of your living spaces. Our state-of-the-art servery window retractable screen systems redefine the concept of functional and elegant design. Our servery window fly screens are crafted with precision, catering to various window styles, including French, Bi-Fold, and sliding windows. These custom solutions ensure that your living spaces remain well-ventilated, naturally lit, and insect-free. The kitchen servery window screening system is designed with the award-winning Tech-Roll System, providing an easy-to-maintain, environmentally friendly, and retractable solution. We take pride in manufacturing these Australian-made servery window flyscreens, delivering a perfect blend of sophistication and functionality. Our screens are not just an addition to your windows; they are an enhancement to your lifestyle at affordable prices. The versatility of our servery window flyscreen extends beyond functionality; it's an investment in creating spaces that are comfortable, stylish and bug-free. Experience the perfect fusion of technology and aesthetics with Tech-Roll's servery window screening system, ensuring your living spaces are a sanctuary of comfort and elegance. Enhance your servery windows with our innovative screens, blending practicality and aesthetic appeal.

Reasons to select flyscreen made by us!!

Many homeowners are concerned about the look of their house after installing the mesh or flyscreen. Many homeowners feel that their decor will lose its value; however, if you select our flyscreen for gas strut windows, our quality product will be cohesive with your decor. All parts are curated from rust-resistant elements, so you can install the product to build exteriors without issues. Once you install the product with an oil decelerator and a gear-decelerator, it prevents the handle from hitting the cassette when rewinding. You can easily lock the screen by pressing the “Push” switch. The product boasts an easy and neat structure, which allows you to adjust the screen and stop it from moving at any point. It is created to suit almost any opening, including interior reveals and faces and exterior surfaces of windows. Our flyscreens run on metal fences and rescind into a cassette housing when not in usage. The mesh is fibreglass and comes in black, grey and black striped sorts. The entire design is safe, environmentally cohesive, and not influenced by climatic conditions. The flyscreen assembly can sustain for decades with the metal rails under normal conditions.

Characteristics of our flyscreens

Easily cleaned and maintained

Installing our flyscreen for servery windows will not affect your routine as it’s easy to clean and maintain. You will not have to compromise on your comfort to maintain the product.


One of its key features was waterproof solutions when we discussed how flyscreens do not influence the climate.

Safe and retractable when not in use

It is safe and removable; hence, you can store these whenever you don’t wish to use them.

Environmentally friendly

We care for our environment and offer environmentally friendly products and better balance to nature.

Do not intrude on the home décor

These screens do not take away from your home decor and maintain the beauty of your home without impacting the vibe of the structure.


We create durable products, and once you purchase a flyscreen for your windows, you need not worry about durability. To conclude, you won’t regret investing in these flyscreens and effortlessly enhancing your windows’ functionality. Call us on 02 9760 2388 or make inquiries on to get a free quote for the type of flyscreens you need.